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Badger Bear Claw
Wolf Adder
Puma Ferret
Riverboat Rita Texas Bowie
Piranha Slim Bowie
Barracuda Frontier Bowie
Shark Letter Opener  
Lion Skinner Ocelot
Oryx Knife blank  Oryx  Alout
Genet knife blank  Genet SharkTooth
Eland knife blank  Eland 7" Fillet
Kudu knifemaking blank  Kudu  Trout Filet
  jackal knife making blank  Jackal  Hyrax knifemaking blank  Hyrax 
Rattler 6" Filet
Fox   Swordfish Fillet
Tanto  Muskrat 
Toro Knifemaking blank  Toro Groundhog 
Ishmael Knifemaking blank     Ishmael Saxon Hatchet knifemaking blank Saxon Hatchet
Moray Skinner Meercat 
Northland Skinner osprey knifemking blade blank  Osprey 
harrier knifemaking blade blank  Harrier  Deer Hunter Junior
Mongoose Praetor  
Progression Tempered Puukko Centurion
Ulu Blade  Cricket    
Alamo    Down Under   
Croc   Dundee    
  Walrus Ulu  Eclipse 
Orion  Nova 
Andromeda  Comet 
Asp  Stallion 
Colt  Mule 
Scout   Mustang   
Redwood   Cypress   
Sasquatch    Sequoia   
Caribbean  Lovemore 
Cat Blade index picture Cat   Intern Blade-Index Intern 
Mora Laminated knifeblank  Mora Laminated Blade Sentry   
Puukko Blade Puukko Kit
Camping Camping Puukko Kit
Laplander Swedish Fillet Kit
  Tomcat   Hiking 
  folding knife kit  605 Folding Knife Kit 605 folding knife kit    605 Mini Folding Knife Kit
Hi Tech Folding Knife Kit  Wasp Folding Knife Kit   
Mantis Folding Knife Kit    
Kitchen: Cleaver   Kitchen: Chef's  
Kitchen: Carving   Kitchen: Paring  
Kitchen: Slicing   Kitchen: Steak 
Kitchen: Sandwich   Kitchen: Fork  
Cheese Slicer
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Knife Belt Sander  Drill Press   
Mini-Grinder    Drill Press Clamp 
Grinder Accessory Kit  Heat Gun 
Combo Bench Sander Bench Grinder
Scroll Saw Hand Tools 
Tutorials and Hints 'n' Tips
First Project     
Introduction Boot Knife
Bear Claw Puukko
Camping Puukko Tempered Puukko
Full Tang  Hidden Tang 2
Full to Partial Tang   Hidden Tang
  Etching Your Logo  NEW! Day-Ops Folder  
Workshop Techniques
Handtools Power Tools
Custom Bolsters Installing a U Shaped Guard
Stabilizing Woods Soldering 
Mosaic Pins     Using Corby Rivets
Solderless Guards Cutting Guard Slots
Pommels Leather Washer Handles 
  tapping a thread  Lather washer handle index picture  Leather Washer Handles  2  
Grinding a Knife Blade  Grinding: Edge Up
Grinding: Training Wheels Knife Vise 
Knife Vises   Rotary Tools 
Alternate Hidden Tang   Buffing a knife guard, index icon Buffing  
Leather Sheath Leather Sheath 2  
Kydex Sheath Kydex Sheath 2  
Wood Sheath Sheath Kit
Pouch Sheath  Leather Embellishment
Custom Fitting A Sheath Setting Snaps 
Round Leather Holes      
Design Ideas
Visualizing Your Design Decorative Pins  
Hidden Pins  Cord Wrap Handle  
Scrapwood Handle Thumb Notches  
Faux Finishes   Fiber Tricks  
Home Made Denim Micarta Using Conchos
Ulu Holder  index projects Project Ideas !
Leather Wrap Handles Contrasting Wood Handles  
General Information
Safety Types of Steel 
Glue Comparisons Taking Photos
Edge-index The Edge Serrated Edges 
Edge-index Sharpening    
Hardwood for handles Pins
Fauxcarta and Micarta Thong Tubing
Dymondwood Corby Rivets
Lanyards   Loveless Bolts
  JP bolts  Brass Bar Stock
Buffalo Horn Nickel Silver Bar Stock
Impala Horn Carbide Drills
Gemstone Fiber Spacers
Leather Rivets
KYDEX Sheet Snaps
Corian Scales  

Epoxy    Leather Stamp Kit

Rubber Scales  


  Etching Kit   TekLok Belt Clips 
Sheaths  Sharpening 
Custom Knife Makers
Custom Knife Makers