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Grizzly knife belt sander

Grizzly / Shop Fox Knife Belt Sander : 
When you're ready to move up to grinding your own blades from steel bar stock, the first tool you're going to want to consider is a good knife belt sander. Up until now, a huge barrier to beginners was the cost of a quality machine. If you've looked at some of the Knifemaker Suply catalogs, you've seen Bader, Wilton, KMG , Burr King and Pro Cut machines that cost $500 to $1800.00.  Some of the smaller ones in the $400 range had wimpy 1/2 horsepower motors , no ball bearings  and are built for a few months of light use. 

Grizzly Industrial has changed all that with a high quality, powerful and well made knife belt sander. This is the one I use in my shop and couldn't begin to recommend it highly enough. I love it. It features a 1 horsepower motor for years of hard use, a cast iron body and all ball bearing construction. It uses standard 2" x 72" belts and has a motor speed of 1725 RPM. This is a serious machine at an extremely affordable price. Compare for yourself and I think you'll be very impressed with the specs on this quality Knife Belt Sander. 

 As standard, it comes with a 4" contact wheel ( Shown). I would heartily recommend buying the optional 10" contact wheel for professional results. Why? Click HERE to a simple graphic explaining why. The buffer isn't included either but these are cheap and  readily available at any hardware store.

Grizzly Industrial is based in Bellingham, Washington and has almost a million square feet of production and warehousing from their three facilities in Bellingham, Springfield, Mo., and Muncy, Pa.  Grizzly does their own manufacturing in ISO9001 certified factories and has been selling direct to Fortune 500  and others companies since 1984.  Since Grizzly only sells direct, don't be misled just because you haven't seen them at Home Depot or Wal-Mart. Grizzly is a major manufacturer who is in the game to stay.

Grizzly offers a full, one year warranty on all of their machines and has three national service and repair centers to back it up. Grizzly is a quality company that I feel very comfortable standing behind. You won't be unhappy with a Grizzly

Note: In order to get the best price for my customers, I have set this up as a "Factory Direct" transaction. When you order, you will be ordering direct from Shop Fox / Grizzly. Amazon.com ( you thought they only sold books?) provides all of the order processing.  Note: this things ships with a weight of 110 pounds.Probably best if you have someone there to help you unload when it arrives.
W1843  Shop Fox / Grizzly Knife Belt Sander and Buffer  ( Price includes shipping cost) 1075.00 Shop Fox  W1843 Knife Belt Sander 
G9242  10" Aluminum / Rubber Contact Wheel ( Compare at $100-$300 anywhere else ) 
Click HERE to see why a 10" Wheel is highly  recommended
165.00 Grizzly G9242 10" Aluminum /Rubber Wheel 
66476   60 Grit Aluminum Oxide 2" x 72" replacement  sanding belt $  5.60 A&H  Alum Oxide Belts  80 Grit 
132452   120 Grit Aluminum Oxide  2" x 72" replacement  sanding belt , two pack $  9.56 A&H  Alum Oxide Belts Belts  120 Grit 
132458   180 Grit Aluminum Oxide 2" x 72" replacement  sanding belt $  5.60 A&H  Alum Oxide Belts Belts    180 Grit    
132461   220 Grit Aluminum Oxide 2" x 72" replacement  sanding belt $  5.60 A&H  Alum Oxide Belts Belts 220 Grit
For a tutorial on the use of the Grizzly Knife Belt sander, Click HERE
MultiTool 2" x 36" Belt Grinding Attachment
Knife Belt Sanding Attachment  Here's a good, entry level sanding belt option that uses 2" x 36" sanding belts and attaches to your existing 6", 8" or 10" bench grinder. Belt attachment can be positioned horizontally ,at 45 degrees or  vertically. For sharpening and shaping, users can use the contact wheel, the flat platen or the slack portion.

Please Note: If your bench grinder has a stamped steel shield, the MultiTool will fit. Multitool will NOT fit a grinder with heavy cast wheel guards if the guards are used to retain the spindle bearings.
Multitool Belt Grinding Attachment $   279.00 Multitool belt Grinding Attachment
Kalamazoo 1SM 1" x 42" Belt Sander
Kalamazoo 1SM 1" belt sander An affordable  very useful  dependable belt sander that can be used for blade grinding as well as other metal and wood working projects , the Kalamazoo 1SM is found in many shops everywhere. Uses 1" x 42" belts and has a 4" contact wheel. The 1/3 HP Baldor motor gices you 1725 RPM. Tilting work table
Kalamazoo 1SM Belt Sander $ 449.32 Kalamazoo 1SM Belt Sander
G0555  Ultimate 14" Bandsaw

This is the one I use in my shop. Constantly.  I love it. It's my baby and my favorite toy.  Shop around and compare features and price and I think you'll make the same decision I did.  Get a load of this: 1 HP motor, precision ground cast iron table, deluxe extruded aluminum fence and miter gauge, cast iron frame, 4 " dust port,  quick blade release system, fence scale with magnifier, AND upper and lower ball bearing blade guides ( almost every other bandsaw in this class uses static guide blocks. Ugh. Seriously, check it out. Makes a big difference) . Maximum 6" cutting height, 13 1/2" throat capacity.  Table tilts 45 degrees right, 10 degrees left, Stand is included.  It's not hard to figure out why the Grizzly G0555 is the best selling bandsaw in the country. Uses standard 93 1/2" blades

Note: This thing is heavy . Make sure you have at least one friend on hand when it arrives to help you unload it. 
G0555 Grizzly Ultimate 14" Bandsaw   (Price includes shipping) 

$ 1150.00

Grizzly G0555  Ultimate 14" Bandsaw
The Grizzly Ultimate Bandsaw ships with a 3/8" blade, but you'll probably need to stock up on a few more. Olson makes a huge range of bandsaw blades, so I just picked out a few of the more common and useful ones
75493   Olson  93 1/2" Bandsaw Blade, 3/4" wide, 3 hook teeth per inch $ 24.15 Olson 93-1/2" x 3/4" x .025" x 3 TPI Hook Bandsaw Blade
422633   Olson  93 1/2" Bandsaw Blade, 5/8" wide, 3 hook teeth per inch $ 19.99 Olson 93-1/2" x 5/8" x .025" x 3 TPI Hook Bandsaw Blade
210403   Olson  93 1/2" Bandsaw Blade, 1/2" wide, 3 hook teeth per inch $19.20 Olson 93-1/2" x 1/2" x .025" x 3 TPI Hook Bandsaw Blade
14593   Olson  93 1/2" Bandsaw Blade, 1/4" wide, 6  hook teeth per inch $  37.94 Olson  93-1/2" x 1/4" x .025" x 6 TPI Raker Bandsaw Blade
10093   Olson  93 1/2" Bandsaw Blade, 3/16" wide,10 hook teeth perinch $ 17.00 Olson 93-1/2" x 3/16" x .025" x 10 TPI Raker Bandsaw Blade
H3051    6" Extension Block Kits, increases capacity from 6" to 12"
Includes extender, blade guard and 105" x 3/8" x 6 tooth blade

$ 154.95

Grizzly H3051 6" Extension Block Kit

Combo Bench Sander 
For the cost of a good portable belt sander, you can own this quality combo bench sander. A 4" x 36" quick change belt  and a 6" disk will make this one of your most often used tools. 1/3 HP 110V motor, cast iron base, single knob tracking and a 2 1/2" dust port. Platen rotates 90 degrees for flexibility. Not a lightweight toy, this quality machine has a shipping weight of 38 pounds.
G0547 Combo Bench Sander 4" x 36" belt, 6" Disc  $ 186.95 G0547 Combo Sander 4" X 36" Belt 6" Disc
  6" Bench Grinders

Wen 4276 6" grinder 

If you don't have one now, you're going to find that a good bench grinder is one indispensable tool. Since you're probably going to use it quite a bit and have it for a while, I suggest making sure you get a decent one. 

Wen makes that quality affordable. This compact grinder  features rocker type switches and extended wheel to motor clearance . Comes with a 2.1 amp motor and   6" wheels ( one coarse and one medium grit aluminum oxide)   and protective wheel flanges.

Wen 4276    2.1 Amp 6" Bench Grinder with 1/2" Arbor   $ 68.55  Wen 4276  6" Bench Grinder
  16" Scroll Saw
A very handy tool to have in any shop. This great little scroll saw uses standard 5" pin blades. The G0735 has   a cutting width  of 16", a cutting height of 2"  and a precision ground cast iron table size of 16" x 10".   And the included flex shaft tool makes this an incomperable value ( Uses standard 1/8" Dremel type accessories)

 1/8 HP motor,  variable speed of 540 to 1600 SFM.

Also features a 45 degree tilt table, built in dust blower and cast iron construction.  Good stuff! 

Wen Jigaw 

G0735 16" Variable Speed Scroll Saw $ 276.95  G0735 16" Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Wen 4208 drill press 

Bench Top Drill Press
At some point, you're also going to need a good, solid, dependable drill press for many precision knife making operations.  This 5 speed, 1.3 HP includes a precision ground,  cast iron table that tilts 45 degrees left or right and has 2" spindle travel. 1/2" keyed chuck; Work table is 6 1/2" x 6 1/2"

If you're looking for an affordable,  quality entry level drill press, you won't be disappointed with the Wen 4208.

And if you're going to do it right, consider getting one of the handy Quick Release Drill Press Clamps. 

Wen 4208  5 Speed Bench Drill Press   $ 119.95  Wen 4208   5    Speed  Drill Press
Yost DC-9  9" Quick Release Drill Press Clamp  (Picture, click HERE) $ 19.00  Yost DC-9  Drill Press Clamp - 9"  

Mini Grinder Kit
If you want to know the truth, I still prefer my Dremel. But at half the price, this high quality, powerful  multi-purpose high  speed electric grinder shouldn't be overlooked. Uses standard 1/8" accessories. Also uses most Dremel accessories. Variable speed from 8000 to 30,000 RPM. 115 V. Comes in it's own plastic case with a nice assortment of the most common accessories to get you started.  This is a tool that is probably one that you reach for most often, so you want to make sure you want to buy a dependable one. Grizzly won't let you down.
H3117 Mini Grinder Kit  $ 29.99  H3117 Mini Grinder Kit
D3114 100 Pc Sanding,Grinding, Polishing and Buffing Kit. ( Click HERE for picture) . An Excellent and complete kit includes various burrs, grinding stones, wire brushes, cutting disks, sanding drums, and polishing buffs in attractive wooden case. Everything you need to start. $ 24.40  D3114  100-Pc. Accessory Kit

1800 Watt Heat Gun
When you're working with a heat formable plastic sheet like Kydex, I found that a good heat gun in invaluable. Some people like to soften the Kydex in an oven, but I have often preferred the precise area control that a good heat gun can offer. Grizzly makes this 1800 watt industrial quality heat gun at a VERY affordable price, especially since they put it on sale. Variable  temperature control from 120 to 590 degrees. 
H0801 Heat Gun, 1800 Watt  $ 55.55 H0801 Heat Gun - 1800 Watt


Note: Although Grizzly's shipping rates are pretty reasonable, they are slightly different from mine. These are their rates for the lower 48 states. ( unless indicated otherwise, of course):

Zero  to $ 14.99 $ 4.99
$ 15.00 to $ 49.99 $ 9.99
$ 50.00 to $ 74.99 $ 14.99
$ 75.00 to $ 99.99 $17.99
$100.00 to $ 199.99 $ 19.99

This is for items under 30 Pounds. Special shipping rates will apply for heavier items