Sheath Making 

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ABC's of leatherworking book ABC's of Leatherwork NCK-LEATHER-ABC

$ 5.95

Perfect for the knife sheath of your own design, this 100% top grain cowhide is vegetable tanned and is offered in convenient 12" by 12" natural colored 8 to 9 oz.  sheets. Excellent weight for tooling, stamping or antiquing. Easily dyed.    For best results, use a 4 oz. waxed polyester hand stitching thread ( offered in black , natural and brown ) with a # 0 "egg eye"  harness needle. 

Leather sheet, 12 x 12 in., 8 oz., tan   NCK-LEATHER

$ 24.00

Hand stitching waxed  thread, black NCK-THREAD-BLK $4.75
Hand stitching waxed thread , natural NCK-THREAD-NAT $4.75

Hand stitching waxed thread , brown NCK-THREAD-BROWN $4.75
Harness Needle, No. 0 size, Pkg. of 5 NCK-NEEDLE2 $ 1.75
Note: I just came across a 9 part series on designing and making a leather sheath on YouTube. Interesting stuff and he does go into some pretty good, step by step detail. To see it, click HERE  ( This is part 1, but links will be available to parts 2 through 9)

Neatsfoot Oil: 100% pure neatsfoot oil to preserve and condition your leather sheaths. Absorbs deeply. NCK-NEATSFOOT $ 5.75
  Basic Leather Stamping  Kit, 6 stamps NCK-STAMP-KIT $ 26.50
  KYDEX Sheet
Notes: Easy to use, heat formable plastic sheet, perfect for knife sheaths. Impervious to just about everything. I like to use a heat gun to soften and form the plastic sheet, but a lot of people prefer to use an oven. DO NOT exceed 400 degrees.  Spend a few minutes reading the KYDEX Sheath Tutorial   . The .060 Kydex should work just fine for the majority of your sheaths. Use the thicker .093 for larger knives or making belt loops

12" x 12" x .060" thick. Black
NCK-KYD-BLK $ 6.50
12" x 12" x .093" thick. Black NCK-KYD-BLK-093 $ 8.50
  Note: I just came across an interesting video on YouTube on  designing and making a kydex sheath . Interesting stuff and he does go into some pretty good, step by step detail. To see it, click HERE  
  Belt Clips
Perfect addition  to your sheath for easy mounting on your belt.   The NCK-554 Belt Clip for Kydex Sheath locks onto any strap or belt up to 2" wide. Easy to remove with a quick release system. Mounting screws included.

The BT1, BT2 and BT3 belt clips are made by Blade Tech.  The BT2 ( 1 1/2" x 1 7/8") and the BT1 ( 2" x2 3/4") are hinged designs that snap together securely over your belt. The BT3 Klip ( for belts up to 1 3/4" wide) is a one piece clip on design  . Come with mounting hardware
   Kydex Belt Clip
Tek-Lok Clips
Belt Clip for Kydex Sheath NCK -554 $ 9.75

BT1   2" x2 3/4"
NCK-BT3 $ 15.50
BT2   1 1/2" x 1 7/8"
NCK-BT2 $ 13.50
BT3 The Klip  1 3/4" Belt Clip

NCK-BT1 $12.50
  Rivets, Double Cap 


Rivet Setter

Rivet Anvil


Snap Setter Kit

Eyelets 1/4 Nickel Silver

Rivet, Brass,   1/4" x 1/4"    Pkg 100 NCK-RIVBRS-1/4


Rivet, Nickel,   1/4" x 1/4"    Pkg 100 NCK-RIVNKL-1/4 $4.25


Rivet, Brass,   3/8" x 1/2"   Pkg 100 NCK-RIVBRS-3/8 $6.00
Rivet, Nickel,   3/8" x 1/2     Pkg 100 NCK-RIVNKL-3/8 $6.00
Rivet, Black,   3/8" x 1/2"     Pkg 100 NCK-RIVBLK-3/8 $6.00
Rivet Setter NCK-RIVSET $3.25
Concave Rivet Anvil NCK-ANVIL $2.75
Snaps, Nickel, size 24,  pkg.  10 NCK-SNP-NKL $4.50
Snaps, Brass,  size 24,  pkg.  10 NCK-SNP-BRS $4.50
Snap Setter and Anvil Kit NCK-SNAPSET $7.50
Eyelets, Nickel Silver, 1/4", pkg 50 NCK-EyeletsNS $ 5.60
Eyelets, Black, 1/4", pkg 50 NCK-EyeletsBL $ 5.50
Eyelet Setter and Anvil NCK-Set-Anvil $ 7.95