Blades:  Kitchen
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Ulu Blades  
Originally a highly efficient skinning blade developed by the Eskimos hundreds of years ago, I decided to list these Ulu blades  on the kitchen blades page because they work so well there. Perfect for all kitchen and camp cooking choirs  such as chopping , filleting,  cutting and, of course, cutting pizza. A very handy and useful blade. This unusual blade is very popular as a gift and sells well in specialty shops. For a pictures of what one looks like with handle, click HERE.  Both Ulus are made of quality stainless and are  about 3 1/4" wide with a 6" cutting edge. The Walrus is a slightly larger version and is 3 3/4"  wide with a 7 1/4 cutting egde.  If you're interested, I also wrote a tutorial o a decorative Ulu holder that makes a great gift. Click HERE
Ulu with U Handle, 7/32 pin holes
NCK172 $ 11.50
Ulu with apron handle, 7/32 pin holes NCK272 $ 11.50

Walrus, 3/16" pin holes NCK372 $ 16.00
Sunfish Boning Knife blade blank 
Sunfish Boning Knife
Tecnically this blade is refered to as a boning knife, but this is such a useful size that this will be the one you reach for first for the majority of your kitchen, filleting  and camp cooking chores. 10 1/8" overall with a 5 1/2" blade. .078" thick. 440C steel. 1/8: pin holes.
NCK-138 $10.00
Cheese Slicer
In answer to numerous requests, I found a pretty decent little cheese slicer. Made of heavy duty tempered stainless and has a serrated cutting edge in addition to the sharpened slicing slot. Makes a great gift or addition to a kitchen cutlery set. 9 1/8" long, 3" wide, 1 7/8" serrated cutting edge, comes with a set of stainless steel rivets.
Cheese Slicer NCK-905 $ 10.50

Kitchen Cutlery
NorthCoast Knives is honored to present a top of the line connoisseur quality set of kitchen cutlery that will serve you well in kitchen or campsite. All blades are flat ground from 440-C stainless steel for a long and useful life. Satin finished, these blades feature a handle design that fits comfortably in your hand to prevent fatigue .Terrific gift idea!  I would recommend a synthetic handle of Miacarta, Corian or Dymondwood to make them dishwasher safe.  The front and rear  pin holes are metric but 1/8" pins should work fine. The center hole is a hair under 1/4" .The front hole is slightly elongated, and if you use wood handles, this is to allow for the slight expansion and contraction that will occur with the change in humidity that's going to occur with repeated washing.

Slicing Blade. (top)  15 1/2"  overall with a 9 1/8"  serrated blade. Terrific bread knife , great with a watermelon. 
NCK606 $ 14.50
Chef's Blade  (bottom) Probably one of the  most often used blade in any kitchen for slicing or chopping, this Chef's Blade is 14" overall with an  8 1/16" edge, a perfect  utility size
NCK406 $ 24.00

Carving Knife    The name says it all, this multi-purpose knife will be one of your favorites.  15" overall with a 9 1/4" blade.  
NCK506 $ 17.50
Carving Fork  A necessary , very useful  and often used addition to any kitchen, camp or barbeque. 12" overall  NCK806 $ 12.00
Butcher Knife blade blank
  Butcher Knife  A serious blade for serious work. 14" overall with a 8 1/8" pins NCK306           $ 17.50

Cleaver   A must for every kitchen,  this premium quality cleaver will provide you with years of useful service. 11 1/2" overall with a 6 " blade.
NCK706 $ 29.00

Sandwich Knife    (top)  A smaller version of the Chef's Blade with multiple kitchen uses. 5 5/8" edge, 10 3/4"  overall length. Note: current design is supplied with non-serrated edge.
NCK206 $ 14.75
Steak Knife   (middle) The perfect knife for any table setting, this sleek, serrated blade is 4 1/2" long, 8 3/4" overall. 
NCK106 $ 11.00
Paring Knife   (bottom)  Probably the most often used kitchen knife, this easy to hold and use paring knife is 7 1/4" long with a 3 1/4" edge.
NCK006 $ 9.50