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Skinners, Daggers and a Caper
The Moray Skinner is perfect for the serious hunter with it's highly polished finish and integral gut hook. The Northland Skinner is a heavy duty knife with unusual  saw tooth serrations on the top edge capable of cutting through bone. The Solingen Dagger is a beautiful double cutting edge knife with a very serious and sharp tip and polished finish. The satin finished Mongoose is a small but hard working style sometimes referred to as a caper. This is a great  camp, farmyard or backpacking knife due to it's small size and light weight

Moray Skinner (A)  7 1/2" overall with 3" blade, 5/32" thick.  1/4" pin and thong holes 
NCK287 $34.50
Northland Skinner (B) A serious and heavy 3/16" thick, 7 1/2" overall, with 3" blade . 1/4" pin and thong holes
NCK074 $38.50
Solingen Dagger (C) Overall length 9 3/8", 5 11/16" double edge blade, threaded tang for NCK201  pommel   Note: Discontinued. Sorry
NCK516 $21.50
Mongoose (D)  6 3/4" overall with 2 3/4" blade,   .118" thick, use 1/4" pins
NCK464     $24.50
Brass guard for Moray Skinner,  slotted, finger groove, 1  3/4" x 3/4", 3/8" thick, needs to be drilled for pins. 
NCK263B $6.50
Nickel silver guard for Moray Skinner,  slotted, finger groove, 1  3/4" x 3/4", 3/8" thick, needs to be drilled for pins. 
NCK263N   $9.50
Notes: I think that the Northland Skinner and the Mongoose look best without bolsters, but if you think otherwise, simple bolsters can be fashioned from brass or nickel silver bar stock


High Quality Hidden Tang Blades
Traditional, hard working, serious  designs in  6A stainless steel. I have always liked hidden tang knifes because of the freedom they offer you in designing your own handle shape, allowing you to fully express your creativity. Also perfect for stacked leather washer handles.  Matching guards and pommels  are available in  brass and stainless. Tang is threaded 6 x 1MM. I have a tap available also if you'd prefer to cut your own threads in your own bar stock for a  butt cap.

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Tap  6 x 1.0MM

Eclipse (A) 8 1/2" overall, 3" blade, 5/32" thick
NCK024   $34.00
Nova (B) 9 1/2" overall, 3 5/8" blade, 5/32"thick 
NCK124  $ 34.00
Comet (C) 9 5/8" overall, 4 1/8" blade, 5/32" thick
NCK424  $ 39.00
Andromeda (D)  9 7/8" overall, 4 1/2" blade, 5/32" thick
NCK224  $ 39.00
Orion  Gut Hook (E) 8 1/4" overall, 3" blade, 5/32" thick
NCK324  $ 39.00
Brass Guard, Unshaped, for hidden tang
NCK-365-UB $6.50
Brass Pommel, threaded
NCK401-B  $ 4.50
Nickel Silver  Pommel, threaded
NCK401-N  $ 6.50
Shaped Guard, Brass, for hidden tang
NCK-365-B $ 9.50
Shaped Guard, Nickel Silver, for hidden tang
NCK-365-N $ 12.00
 Tap, 6 x 1.0MM
NCK-7271 $4.75