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Affordable, Useful, Common Sense Designs
Great little blades, these are sized right for the most in usefulness. I wondered about the handle design when I first saw these, but if you hold one, you realize that some thought went into an ergonometric feel that fits the hand extremely well and gives a good solid , sure grip. I think these look best as a guardless design with scales only which makes them perfect for your first project.  The Sasquatch  with it's generously curved belly is a perfect skinning blade while the Sequoia is a great general purpose blade. Both are hollow ground. The Redwood is a great camp knife and reminds me of an outdoorman's chef's blade while the Cypress features a very useful gut hook. Both feature one of the nicest flat grinds I've seen in a while.  Tang  and thong holes are 3/16"


(A) Redwood, 9 1/2" overall, 4 3/4" blade, 1/8" thick
NCK936   Redwood Blade


B) Sequoia     9" overall, 4 " blade, 1/8" thick
NCK236  Sequoia Blade

$ 23.00

C) Sasquatch   9 1/8" overall, 4 " blade, 1/8" thick
NCK336  Sasquatch Blade  $ 23.00
D) Cypress  9 1/2" overall, 4 3/4 " blade, 1/8" thick
NCK836 Cypress Blade

$ 23.00

Safari Anyone?
Whether you're going big game hunting or just want to impress your camp mates, these serious blades bring a high level of performance to your game. The Toro Blade is a whopping 15 1/2" long and a quarter inch thick , while the Ismhael displays some wicked and beautiful curves.  And while you won't cut down the back 40 with the Saxon Hatchet, this useful hiking sized tool may become your best campsite friend. All designed to put in a good hard days work.  The Tanto Blade is a traditional design, a solid,hard working blade with a tip optimized for piercing.

 Safari Knife kits, knife blanks

Tanto Knife  Blade Blank

Knife sheaths for Ishmael blades or Saxon Hatchet

Toro (A)  440C stainless, a whopping 15 1/2" overall with   a 10" blade and almost a quarter inch thick ( .230" to be exact).  Pin holes are 3/16"  
NCK-584 Toro Safari Blade $ 39.50
Brass Guard for Toro,  4" x 3/4" x 1/4" thick brass bar stock, slotted for Toro blade
NCK-584-GUARD  $6.50
Ishmael   (B) 10" overall, 5 1/4" blade. 5/32 pin holes, 7/32" thong hole, 5/32" thick.  High Carbon 6A steel. If you need a sheath, use the NCK811
NCK-035 Note: Waiting for next shipment $ 34.50
Saxon Hatchet (C)  Satin finish, 9 5/8" overall, 2 5/8" wide at cutting edge. 3/16" tang and thong holes. If you need a sheath, use the NCK136-Sheath
$ 28.50
Tanto Blade (D)  12 1/2" overall with 6 1/2" blade, 3/16" thick. 3/16" tang holes, 3/32" bolster holes
NCK-578 $34.50
Brass guard set for Tanto, with pins
NCK-578B    $12.00
Ishmael Leather Sheath, unfinished strap style leather, you'll also need a snap setter to install the snap.
NCK811-SS  Note: Waiting for next shipment  $18.50   
Saxon Hatchet Protective Leather Sheath,  unfinished, with belt loop on back
NCK-136-SHEATH  Note: Waiting for next shipment