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High Quality 440C Steel Blades : Special Purpose 
The SharkTooth  is one of the most comfortable knives to hold and handle for long periods of time. Try it and I think you'll be very surprised. (Also good for self defense, but you didn't hear that here.) The Ocelot  is one of the most efficient designs for skinning that I've ever seen. Light enough for extended use without tiring with a perfect belly for fast skinning.  And who on your gift list wouldn't enjoy getting this professional looking Letter Opener outfitted with a decorative wood handle of your choice? Excellent beginner's project. Comes with pre-attached nickel silver bolster which will need to be shaped by you.     The Troll  was originally meant to be a special purpose companion blade, designed to be a dedicated skinner but I've found that it makes a terrific, lightweight  all purpose blade .  Features a bead blast finish.

SharkTooth (A) 5 1/2"" overall, 2 7/8" blade, 1/8" thick, use  1/8" pins  
sharktook knife blank
Letter opener knife blankTroll Knife blank
NCK671 $ 17.50
Ocelot  (B) 7" overall, 3 1/2" blade, 7/64" thick,  use 3/16" pins  
NCK275 $ 15.50
Letter Opener (C) 8 1/2" overall, 4 1/4" blade,  use  3/32" pins , with attached nickel silver bolster
NCK102 $ 11.50  
Troll  (D)   6 3/8" overall, 2 1/2" wide with a 3 1/2" cutting edge.  Use 3/16" pins
NCK798 $ 14.50  


Bowies for the Big Boys
Serious blades for hard use or display.  The Alamo is easily one of our most popular designs, and is a good, solid, common sense knife for hunting , camping or ranch. Ground from 440C steel , this design lends itself to a lot of creativity. The Down Under is the monster  blade you want to pull out when you're trying to impress someone; quality ground from  440C steel. 









(A) Alamo, 13" overall, 8" blade, 5/32" thick, 1/8" tang holes
NCK574   Alamo Bowie $ 49.00
NCK574-BG    Brass Guard, Alamo  $ 6.50
NCK574-NG   Nickel Silver Guard, Alamo  $ 9.50
(B) Down Under, 15" overall, 9" blade, 3/16" thick, 1/8" tang holes
NCK539 Down Under Bowie

$ 79.00

NCK539-BG    Brass Guard, Down Under  $ 6.50
NCK539-NG    Nickel Silver Guard, Down Under  $ 10.50