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NorthCoast Knives is an Amazon Associate and I thought I'd take advantage of that to make my customers aware of some of the good deals that I often seem to run accross.  For the most part, I have tried a lot of these out personally and am happy yo have my name associaterd with them.
G5970   Hand Sander

Grizzly G5970 Hand Sander

Great for sanding small items such as knife scales and presents a great alternative to tedious hand sanding. This  handy little palm sander uses quarter sheets of sandpaper and includes dust collection bag. 10,000 orbits per minute make for a swirl free finish
G5970    Hand Sander 

$ 32.94

 G5970 Hand Sander Kit
T25227   Oscillating Multi-Tool

Grizzly Oscillating Tool for Knifemakers 

You need this tool. The Oscillating Multi Tool is today's handiest  go-to tool for a wide variety of tasks and will quickly become your favorite because of it's useful versatility. With the availability of a huge assortment of aftermarket accessories ( made by many manufacturers and available at any local home improvement store)  , you can cut, sand, scrape all of your workshop projects. Kit comes with flush cut wood saw blade, radial saw blade, bi-metal flush cut blade, and triangular sander.
T25227   Oscillating Multi-Tool $ 96.95 T25227 Oscillating Tool
G6260    Hot Melt Glue Gun

Hot melt glue gun

Perfect for quick repairs around the home and shop - I find a good hot glue gun is especially useful for making quick or temporary jigs and fixtures where quick setting times are very useful. 250 watts of power makes this a serious tool at an affordable price. Uses standard 1/2" glue sticks, available everywhere.
H6260   250 Watt Hot Melt Glue Gun $ 22.72 H6260 Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit
D2487   24 pack, 1/2" Glue sticks $ 6.99  H1437 Glue Gun Sticks - 12 pk. 
H3302   Parrot Bench Vise

If you only have one vise in your shop, this should be the one. This unique vise swivels a full 360 degrees and then locks in place when the jaw is tightened. Can also be mounted sideways for additional versatility. Precision cast jaws are 3 1/2" wide and 2 1/8" high. Opens to 5". The holes in the jaws allow the mounting of custom wood or leather, non-marring liners.  Weighs a hefty 19 pounds. 
D3125   Parrot Bench Vise 

$ 79.99

Shop Fox H3302 Parrot Vise®
Bench Anvils

Mini Anvil

Solidly cast 9 pound Mini Anvil is perfect hobby size for setting rivets and snaps and light shaping and flattening.  Obviously, if you're doing forging, you're going to need one of those 100 pound deals, but this will suffice for the vast majority of your shop needs.  Polished face measures  5 1/2" x 2, 4" high, 3" horn . Has holes in the base for handy bench mounting. ( I mounted mine on a 2 x 6 and use clamps to hold it to the bench when I need it ). 
38-789   Mini Anvil 

$ 24.84

 38-789 Mini Anvil
File Sets

6 piece file set

7 Piece File Set: General all-purpose set includes 8" half round, 1/4" x 5 1/2" and 3/8" x 10" round files, 6" and 10" flat files, 1/4" x 8" square file, and 8" triangular. All have comfortable, high impact plastic handles .      The 10 Piece Needle File Set has comfortable vinyl grips on all and includes  10 profile shapes: round, half round, flat, triangular, knife edge, square and oval, all of the basic shapes you'll need for any  workshop shaping choir. Perfect for "fine tuning" the slots on guards for a precision fit.
G8073   7 Piece File Set $ 23.25 G8073 7 pc. File Set


Tungsten carbide tip marks hard   materials including hardened steel, ceramics and glass. Perfect for marking patterns on steel blades that you're going to be shaping or cutting.  6" convenient pocket size,   Ultra-sharp scriber point reverses for safety and is replaceable.  A very indispensable tool. 
H5923 Carbide Scribe  

$ 4.97

 H5923 Tungsten Carbide Scriber

Great little beginning sharpening kit: everything you need to put a razor edge on all of your knives and cutting tools. Includes an 8" buffing and grinding wheel,silicon paste and jewelers rouge  and detailed instructions. Fits any bench grinder with a 5/8" arbor
Edgemaking  Razor Sharp System

$ 85.87

 Edgemaking Razor Sharp System

Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener

Adjustable sharpening guides allow you to precisely and consistently add a razor edge to any knife and edged tool that you own. Comes with coarse, medium and fine replaceable sanding belts and  angle guide for knives ( 20 and 25 degrees, plus 40 degrees for scissors) . 110 volt. One year warranty.  Foe a picture of what it looks like set u]p, click here
WSKTS Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener Sharpening Machine 

$ 129.98

WKSTS Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener
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Worksharp Combo Knife Sharpener

Flexible Belt Technology creates a superior convex cutting edge on your knife. The Combo Sharpener uses a ½" x 10" premium 3M™ abrasive belt – engineered for cool sharpening and long life. The abrasive is designed and intended for metal grinding applications and will sharpen any type of blade steel without over-heating your blade.

The sharpener uses precise 25° angle guides for both sharpening and honing. The innovative Tapered Ceramic Rod will hone every knife you own to a razor-sharp edge, and will sharpen most any size serration. You can now successfully sharpen all your serrated knives with a single, easy to use tool.

WSCMB Work Sharp Combination Knife Sharpener $ 49.95 WKSMB Work Sharp Combination Knife Sharpener
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Belt Cleaner

Sanding Belt Cleaner

If you have a belt sander, you  need one of these. This crepe rubber belt cleaner remove gum, grit and other buildup from your belts, doubling, tripling the life of your belts ( or more). Pays for itself over and over. If you're as cheap as I am, this is one terrific investment. One 1 1/2" x 8"  block included. Made by Vermont American
17889 Belt Cleaner

$ 9.21

 17889  Belt & Disc Cleaner Block

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