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  This is probably the most amazing video I have seen: The Knife Cutting Competition held December 5th in Waxahatchie, Texas sponsored by BladeSports. In my dreams, I will be able to make a knife like this someday. Making this type of 'Superknife" gives us all something to strive for. No computer graphics, this is REAL!
  Another amazing video of the highlights of BladeSports international cutting championship. If you didn't know better, you'd swear it was done with computer special effects but keep in mind that these competitions are real. Scary real.
  I had long planned on doing a tutorial on doing some of that fancy filework that you often see on expensive custom knives ( as soon as I learned how, anyway), but Stuart Kendig of SBK Knives beat me to it and generously  offered to share some of his professional expertise with this video.  By the way, if you want to see more of Stuarts terrific designs, check out his website. Click HERE
  Making A Camp Knife

ADM Knives ( were kind enough to give us a nice, behind the scened look at how they go about making their excellent , hardworking, custom knives. I'm alsways fascinated to see how the other guys do it.

  Behind the Scenes with Jim Moyer

Another behind the scenes tour of knifemaker Jim Moyer (JMoyerKnives.Com) . Some nice video of Jim's freehand hollow grinding. ( I hope to be able to do that someday!)

  Making Knives on a Budget

Produced by Wally Hayes....yeah, the guy who does those gorgeous Japanese knives and swords. This is a teaser to get you to buy the DVD ( well worth it, by the way) and skips a few a steps. Still very interesting to see a professional's workshop.

Note: The author of this video has requested that we not embed his video, but it can be watched by clicking HERE or HERE    

Making a Hidden Tang Knife:

I found this great little step by step video outlining everything you need to do to make a great little hidden tang knife. Entertaining especially since there is no narration, only a relaxing music sound track. I also like his emphasis on using common workshop tools.





  Making the Predator Blade:

Another well done step-by-step tutorial set to music with no words. I've never been tempted to try a hand grinder for making a blade, but I may have to re-think my position. (Did you notice the band-aid on his finger? I bet there's a story there)



  Stock Removal Knifemaking

Behind the scenes at Clearwater Knives ( ) where he shows you his excellent techniques for hollow grinding. In addition, he has some good information on heat treating and tempering. Full video can be purchased at:

  Traditional Knife Making: Hidden Tang

Traditional method of knifemaking with a step by step video going from mounting the handles and shaping, all the way through making the sheath and engraving. Interesting bit on tapping the threads for the pommel

  Russ Kommer gives a lesson in knifemaking

To see a Russ Kommer knife is to love one. Russ is kind enough, with this video, to offer a behind the scenes look at how he makes his blades.


High End Kitchen Knives by Joel Bukiewicz of Cut Brooklyn


Fascinating interview with Joel Bukiewicz of Cut, Brooklyn, and a chance to look over his shoulders as he grinds and makes one of his high end kitchen knives. A lot of thought goes into his designs and his philosophy is enlighteneing.


Cord wrapped knife handle

At last! A halfway decent tutorial on how to do a nice looking cord wrapped knife handle. Peter Atwood of Atwood Knives demonstrates how to make a comfortable and functional handle. Although the knife he does in this demo is small, the techniques can be applied to any size knife. ( For more about his knives and interesting tools, you might want to take a gander at Peter's interesting website at: )

  Another cord wrap handle video tutorial, this one a little bit longer and more detailed. Actually, it's long enough that Devil Dwarf Bladesmith ended up uploading it in two parts. Nice technique and he goes slow enough that even I understood it.

 Link on the left shows you part 1, for Part 2, click HERE.

aa Making your own micarta

Interesting video on making your own micarta for knife handles, not only to save a few bucks but to be able to bring your creativity to bear. A friend of mine turned a pair of his girlfriends worn out denim jeans into a really nice handle on a knife he gave her.
  All About Kitchen Knives: A very useful and informative seven minute tutorial about choosing  and caring for kitchen knives. Hosted by Chef Jean-Pierre, who gives some great tips on what to look for in a good knife. More good lessons on the use of a sharpening steel.
  Knife Sharpening 101.

The name pretty much says it all. Great primer on keeping the edge sharp.  I like this lady's approach.
  Kids, Don't try this at home!

We've talked about knife safety too  much already. Just for a break, take a look at this guy juggling knives. Easy, you say? OK, try it on a unicycle.

  What could be more gratifying than seeing a professional samurai slice a tomato with his razor sharp sword in one swift stroke? Seeing it in slow motion, of course!!
  Kydex Sheaths

Great tutorial on making your own custom Kydex Sheaths.  Sometimes a standard sheath just doesn't work, as in the case of the KaBar Warthog.  Covers the installation of Tek Loc belt clips.
  I used to really like Angelina Jolie , but after I found out that she was a knife collector and enthusiast with considerable skills, I fell in love with her. Check out her expertise with a butterfly knife! Wow.
More to come!