Custom Knifemakers and Supplies
This page is for those knifemakers who are ready to move beyond using blade blanks, but aren't ready to start grinding their own blades yet. Have you designed the perfect  blade that you're trying to figure out how to produce? The following custom knifemakers would be more than happy to assist you. Shown are a few examples of their work. Drop them a line and tell them that Pat from NorthCoast Knives says hello.

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TurnTex logo After reading my tutorial on stabilizing your own wood for knife scales ( click HERE to see it ), you might want to check out a wood stabilizing product called Cactus Juice.  In addition to selling a superior product, owner Curtis Seebeck has some helpful videos and pictures of examples. ( And check out the unique cactus knife scales while you're there)

Knife maker Dale Castle has been making knives all of his life and it shows. Spend an enjoyable  few minutes looking at his spectacular gallery.
Knifemaker Gene Smith of  Williams,Oregon has some mighty nice looking blades, both finished and unfinished,  for sale on on his website. Gene is the owner of Provision Forge and in addition to selling you one of his fine designs, will be more than willing to talk to you about grinding one of your own design , Check out Gene's web site at CustomKnife.Com

Sharp's Saddlery

Custom Saddles and Leatherwork


In addition to spectacular saddle leather work , Master Saddle Maker Clay Sharp does some really nice custom knife work. Take a look at the terrific blades and sheaths that Clay makes. Click HERE

Cliff and Josh Christian, a father and son team from Tampa, Florida specialize in a wide variety of unique hand crafted blades with leather sheaths. Spend a few minutes at their web site to take a look at their  unique craftsmanship.  You'll like what you see.
You've seen a lot of Ron Blaessig's beautiful knives on the NorthCoast Knives Gallery pages, now check out his custom knife website. Ron's designs are always an inspiration. RSB Kives
Spend a few minutes at knifemaker Gary Lunsford's'll be glad you did. Beautifully designed and crafted knives and sheaths. Gary has a wide range of designs available or will work with you on your own design. Moslash Custom Knives
Master Don Miller ( or Doc, as his friends call him) doesn't have a website. Instead, I'm including a few pictures of his knives. Email him for information on these superior blades. Click gere to view: Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3, Picture 4, Picture 5 Take a look at the truly excellent blades: Master Don Miller, a Cherokee, trained from forge to power metallurgy was reared in Taipei, Taiwan. He taught Shaolin Kung Fu in the US over forty years. Master is his title . His students, [c.1969] wanted martial arts weapons and knives like his personal display, but signed. Hence the 'master don' trademark.  His [c.1974] patented formula CMT3 [Cr - Mo - W alloy] & unique ARC grind gives flexibility to this metal that slices steel. Competitively priced, any profile or sheath design. Catalog: email
Check out the great blades by Fred Harris of Fred's Knife Works of Sanderson Florida, especially if you like colorful handle materials. Beautiful sheaths,too.  You can get hold of Fred through his website or at