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  Every once in a while I come across some limited quantity items that I think might be of interest to my customers either because they are unique or because I managed to get a pretty decent price. I'm also going to use this page to introduce new items, so check back often. 
Knifemaking 101, 2 DVD Set 
Knifemaking 101 DVD Back In Stock: Terrific  Gift Idea
Knifemaking 101
is an introduction to the thoroughly enjoyable hobby of customizing your own high quality, hardworking knife from commonly available knife blanks. Almost anyone with minimum woodworking  or shop skills can produce a knife that they would be proud to use and display ( or give as a gift ) , a knife that could easily become an heirloom.

Knifemaking 101 takes you through, step by step,  in meticulous detail, all of the processes involved  in the personal production of your own functional  masterpiece. Designed for those that are new to this hobby, this two DVD set is also has a wealth of  hints n tips that may give even the pros a new idea or two. Creativity, safety and common sense are  emphasized throughout . 

Part 1: The full tang knife design ( 1 Hour), looks  at the most common fixed blade designs and discusses the most usual methods of fabrication and customization. 

Part 2: The partial tang knife design ( 1 Hour) demonstrates the creativity available that this type of design offers and shows several techniques that can be applied to any of your future efforts. 

Presented in an entertaining, sometimes tongue-in-cheek format that emphasizes the fun and creativity of this hobby by knifemaker Pat Percival, a hobbyist who has been making knives for 20 years. ( Uh, yeah... the same Pat Percival who owns NorthCoast Knives. )
  Knifemaking 101 2 DVD Set  $24.00
Wallet Size Card Knife
There are times when it's sometimes inconvenient to carry a knife --- and Murphy's Law says that's when you're going to need one. With this handy credit card sized knife, you can now carry one unobtrusively in your wallet and always have a razor sharp edge available. Fold the blade out and the rest of the card over to form a terrific little useful knife. ( For illustrated instructions, click HERE )   31/4" x 2 1/4" x .10" ( the size of a credit card ) folds out to a knife with a 2 1/2" blade
Wallet Card Knife
NCK-CARDKNIFE    Wallet Card Knife Black or Red $2.25
Miniature Multi Tool
Darling little miniature folding multi tool packs a lot of use in a lightweight, easy to carry 2" long keychain size. Tools include pliers, knife blade, Phillips screwdriver, file, flat head screwdriver, and keychain. Really really handy! Keep one on your keychain and in your desk and glove compartment.
Miniature Multi Tool NCK-2309 Mini Multi Tool $ 3.90
Survival Card
love these things and think everyone should have a Survival Card in their wallet, desk drawer or glove compartment. It's about the size of a credit card ( 2 3/4" x 1 3/4") but gives you a knife edge, can opener, bottle opener, screwdriver, wrench, ruler and saw blade. Quality stainless steel. Easy to carry and always useful. Comes with a black plastic protective sleeve. Click HERE to see list of tools included. Click HERE to see a video review

Survival Card
NCK-MI118 Survival Card  
Fire Starter
Your knife can do a lot more --- like helping you start a warm campfire even under adverse conditions. A quick sharp swipe of your blade ( I use the backside of the blade)  across the magnesium flint rod generates a nice little shower of white hot sparks that will easily get your dry tinder going. Small, affordable, easy to carry and downright dependable. Maybe I'm showing off, but I love to start my barbecue with these. Can start up to 1000 fires.
Fire Starter, magnesiuym flint 
Fire Starter, Magnesium Flint
NCK-FS1 $3.50
  Economy / Ebay Blades
Note: If you're looking for the Economy / Ebay Blades that I had listed here, they proved popular enough that I moved them to their own page.  Please click HERE
Knife Kits
've had a number of people ask me about putting in some knife kits so I decided top give it a try.  All three kits provide an affordable and easy  way to try out this hobby while ending up with a decent blade for your efforts.  The Colonial Skinner may look old-fashioned, but it's a tried and tested design that has been field proven for a very long time. Why mess with success?  The Talon is a modern, high tech looking hiking and camp knife.  The Dingo is an every day carry that blends form with hard working function.

The Colonial ,Talon and Jerboa kits all come with , hardwood handle material ( Sorry, no choice of type), and a ballistic nylon sheath. The Colonial and Talon kits have brass pins, the Dingo kit comes with corby bolts.  The Dingo features an attached stainless guard.

                   Colonial Knife Kit                Talon Knife KitDingo Knife blank kit


  Colonial Skinner Kit   8 1/2" knife with 3 1/2" blade , Nylon Sheath, hardwood handles and brass pins $ 19.50
NCK-246 Talon Knife Kit,  8 3/4" knife with 3 3/4" blade , Nylon Sheath, hardwood handle material and brass pins $ 19.50
  NCK-646 Dingo Knife Kit   8 1/8" knife with 3 1/4" blade, hardwood  handle material and  corby bolts
$ 22.00
  Kershaw T6 T8 Torx Tool
Perfect all-in-one tool for assembling or fine tuning any of the new pocket knives that use miniature torx screws. Handle contains a T6, T8 and miniature Phillips head bit (good for fixing your eyeglasses!) . Made by Kershaw, the knife people, so you know it's a quality tool . Comes on a handy little keychain
  Kershwa Torx Tool NCK-KTORX $7.95
  New Blades
've got a lot of new blade designs coming in all the time.  The easiest way to check out what's new is to check the Index Page.