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In these tough economic times, I've had more than a few customers write to me and tell me about knife related projects that they have made to pick up a little extra income.  Here's a few ideas that may help you. If you have any ideas that you'd like to share, let me know and I'll post them here. I'm sure your fellow readers would appreciate it also.  ( Also some great idea for gifts!)


Kitchen Knife Holder
Sort of an art-deco design, this kitchen knife holder really shows off your high end creations in a very fashionable, functional way. Construction is easy using layers in a laminated type of construction. For a good blow up view, click HERE.  This particular holder was made out of purpleheart.
A variation on the above knife holder is a slightly more traditional design. The laminated construction with cutouts in the layers where the knives will go is similar to the above. 
Another easy to do variation is simply a vertical wooden box with bamboo barbecue skewers in it. The blades fit snugly in the compacted skewers. Hint: you'll probably need 1000 to 2000 skewers depending on the size you make and the least expensive place to pick these many up is a restaurant supply store Knifeholder for kitchen knives 
Ulu Kitchen Blade Holder
Ulu blades are always very popular in the kitchen because of their utility and are easy to make.  Enhancing their sale-ability ( or gift-ability) is a good holder base to make it convenient to use and to show it off. This one is made with a zebra wood base and handle. For  step by step construction, click HERE
Cheese Board
A simple cheese tray can be made from scraps of wood, in this case come curly maple with bloodwood spacer strips for contrast. The Alout blade is a good choice for this. The slot on the side to hold the blade was made by moving the upside down board a short distance over a partially exposed table saw blade. cheeseboard 
Boxed Sets
If you have a favorite charity or community organization that you support and they are having a raffle or fundraiser, a boxed set of one of the knives that you have made is going to be a big hit. The boxes are easy to make out of thin lumber and I guarantee that they will kindle a lot more interest and bidding activity than one of those scented bath soap baskets --- especially among the men folk. Knifemaking projects: boxed set