Step By Step Knifemaking  by David Boye, renowned knifemaker, before he was renowned. Easy to read with emphasis on  simple techniques and tools available to everyone. Many step by step photos and drawings  start with the simplest of beginner projects, through the basics and goes into advanced techniques like etching. Highly recommended for it's commons sense approach . I found it fascinating  ( and encouraging) to watch the evolution of someone who is now known as a master knifemaker from his simple and humble first efforts.   Paperback, 288 pages, 168 photos, 170 illustrations.
Custom Knifemaking by Tim McCreight. I'd consider this to be the next step up and covers basic to advanced techniques. Learn how to cut, heat treat and finish a knife. Introductory chapter on tools, materials, design, sheathmaking and forging lay the ground work for ten different increasingly difficult projects. Included are several kinds of guards, holsters, ferrules, handles and blade configurations. Corresponding drawings and photos make each project easy to follow. Paperback. 224 pages. 75 photos. 100 drawings
Knifemaking 101: 2 Hour, 2 DVD Set
Knifemaking 101 is an introduction to the thoroughly
enjoyable hobby of customizing your own high quality,
hardworking knife from commonly available knife
blanks. Almost anyone with minimum woodworking 
or shop skills can produce a knife that they would be
proud to use and display ( or give as a gift ) , 
a knife that could easily become an heirloom.

Knifemaking 101 takes you through, step by step, 
in meticulous detail, all of the processes involved
in the personal production of your own functional 
masterpiece. Designed for those that are new to this
hobby, this two DVD set is also has a wealth of 
hints n tips that may give even the pros a new idea
or two. Creativity, safety and common sense are 
emphasized throughout. 

Part 1: The full tang knife design ( 1 Hour), looks 
at the most common fixed blade designs and discusses
the most usual methods of fabrication and customization. 

Part 2: The partial tang knife design ( 1 Hour)
demonstrates the creativity available that this type of
design offers and shows several techniques that can be
applied to any of your future efforts. 
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$ 24.00

ABC's of Leatherwork  This affordable and  informative little 30 page book provides a great introduction to leatherworking basics and covers stamps, dyes, handstitching, gouges, snaps, and the use of a swivel knife. If you're new to leatherworking, this book will get you up to speed fast without trial and error. Many useful shortcuts and hints.
The $50.00 Knife Shop by Wayne Goddard. If you're on a budget like I am, this book will become your bible. Master knifemaker Wayne Goddard shows you how he accomplishes his artistry without spending a fortune on fancy gear.  Wayne will walk you through selecting your steel, grinding with his home made grinder, forging ( including a nice section on making wire damascus blades) , heat treating and finishing. 160 pages, B&W and color photos.  
NCK-$50KNIFE $ 19.50
How To Make Knives by Robert Loveless and Richard Barney. One of the standard reference books of the hobby, these two master  knifemakers give you complete instructions on making both a stock removal or forged blade. Also provides nice coverage on sheath making, safety and shop techniques, required tools and supplies. 182 pages, B&W .  
Here are some interesting links that I think you'll find informative, useful and entertaining:
The Knife Design Toolkit
I think this is a terrific idea and I tip my hat to the gentleman whio made this: he took InkScape, a  nice little open source vector drawing program and included a lot of the currently available  knife blade patterns.  The result is an affordable software program that makes it easy to design and visualize all of your design ideas.  
How To Make A Knife On-Line Videos
Here's a nifty little site that will give you step by step video tutorials on various aspects of knifemaking. The videos are inexpensive and very informative, and are all conducted by knifemaker Jim Ferguson. I don't mean to sound jealous, but I wish I would have thought of this first.
SmartFlix Video Rental
Now here's a place I could really learn to love:  they let you rent a video for a week and they have a bunch of very specialized ones on knifemaking! I just rented "The Fine Art of Hollow Grinding" and next week plan to rent the one on "Custom Knife Sheaths". Please patronize them and encourage SmartFlix to keep doing what they're doing. This link takes you right to the knifemaking video page. Click HERE
A.G. Russell Knives
If you like knives, you simply have to check out AG Russell's web site and be sure to get on his mailing list. One of the oldest and most reputable knife distributors in the US of A, he also carries some of the most beautiful inventory that I've seen everywhere. If you go to his website, don't plan on getting anything done the rest of the evening.
The Finer Edge, Digital Knife Magazine
Here's another idea I wish I had thought of: a full color, free, on-line knifemaking magazine. Download is done by issue and it includes some excellent photography, many how-to articles  and close up looks at many well known knifemakers. Did I mention the beautiful photography?  
CKD Tutorials
Custom Knifemaker Tutorials. A little more advanced in subject matter than the information on my web site, but still very definitely worth the visit. You'll learn something new and useful every  time. This is another web site that you could easily spend several hours on.
Cord Wrapped Knife Handles
have always admired the sleek and functional look of cord wrapped knife handles, but never knew how to do it. This excellent step-by-step tutorial by the Running Dog Knife Company shows you how to do it right. While there, take a look at their nice looking knives
How to Make a Folding Knife
This is an advanced subject, but fascinating nevertheless. This excellent step by step tutorial by superb craftsman Tom Anderson of Anderson Technologies shows you the precision and art that goes into his creations. 
Making a Leather Sheath
I did  a  simple, basic tutorial  ( see Leather Sheath Tutorial )  incorporating some shortcuts and tips I've picked up over the years but  if you want to learn the right way to make a leather sheath for your knife, take a look at this web site. A lot of useful information and tips.
Knife Forums
Another great forum to learn a lot of tricks of the trade, ask questions of the pro's and show your stuff off. You can always learn something useful at this site. Plan to spend a few hours.
Another Great Leather Sheath Tutorial  (Tutotial by Dan Gray) 
Master Knifemaker Dan Gray walks you through step by step to make this wonderful custom  pouch sheath. A lot of tips on detailing and embossing. It's great one one of the pros takes a few minutes to share his secrets
Slightly more ambitious nickel silver sheath
found this site to be interesting also. 
Step By Step with Gil Hibben
Famous knifemanker Gil Hibben has a very interesting step by step photo tutorial of how a master craftsman goes about grinding his own blades. Lot of detail and very interesting . Gil also has another page that walks you through how his workshop is set up. Click HERE
CKD (Custom Knife Discussion) Forum
Always something to learn from the pro's and the very talented amateurs here  on a wide range of knifemaking subjects.
Bob Engnath
Although Bob is not with us anymore, his spirit lives on in the legacy he has left all people interested in the nuts and bolts of knifemaking. Fortunately, he left copious notes on the finest details of all aspects of this wonderful hobby. Bob taught a lot of people and continues to teach. This site comes close to being an encyclopedia of knifemaking. Thank you to Daithi O Ceileachair of, for his time and artistry, and to Zoe Martin for the vision to make this information available to the knifemaking community.
Xara X
All of the graphics, logos, drawings and animated GIF's on this web site were done, incredibly enough, with a single graphics program: Xara X. It's a little known program, designed in England, that has a hard core of devote followers, including me. I'm convinced that the only reason it isn't the number one design program in the world is that they don't market it very heavily. Technically it's a vector drawing program ( like CorelDraw or Freehand) but it handles a multitude of bitmap effects and even accepts Photshop plugins. Very fast, sleek, uncomplicated and easy to use , not loaded down with bloated code. Cheap, too ( 150 bucks)  considering it now replaces about three thousand dollars worth of other software I was using.  Check out Xara X at their web site, along with all of Xara's other wonderful products. Xara rules!!
Ellen Hunting and Import
ooking for a source for hard to find stag, elk and other horn products to use as knife handles? Spend a minute checking this place out. Very nice selection
Knife Laws of the 50 States
Now here's a handy reference site that you should plan to spend a few minutes at. Glad to see that someone went to all of the trouble to do this research to provide some information that could come in mighty handy! You do have to register to view the information, but registration is free.  Highly recommended.
British Blades
A customer turned me onto this website, and I think it's great. In addition to reviews and photos on various knifemaker's projects, it also has an excellent tutorial section and great how-to articles. 
Notes: If you know of any other sites that you think  your fellow knifemakers  might find useful, let me know and I'll include them here. ( Out of courtesy, I ask for their permission to be included). drop me a line at

Note: None of the above are "sponsored" links and I don't get one red cent for showing
them here. I just thought these are websites that you guys might like.