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Brass and Nickel Silver Pins  

Brass shown

Pk. 12, 1/16" nickel silver pins   1" long NCK116-12N $3.40
Pk. 12, 3/32" nickel silver pins  1" long  NCK332-12N $3.75
Pk. 12, 1/8" nickel silver pins  1" long NCK18-12N $4.10
Pk. 12, 1/16" brass pins  1" long NCK116-12B $3.10
Pk. 12,  3/32" brass pins  1" long NCK332-12B $3.40
Pk. 12, 1/8" brass pins  1" long NCK18-12B $3.85
3/16" brass round stock, 6" NCK316-6B $1.35
1/4" brass round stock  6" NCK146-6B $ 2.05
3/16" nickel silver round stock  6" NCK316-6N $ 2.90
1/4" nickel silver round stock  6"  NCK146-6N $ 3.35
Walnut Dowel Pins 
1/4" Walnut Dowel Pin Stock, 6" NCK-WALDOWEL $ 1.15
Who said pins have to be metal? A glued wood to wood bond is actually stronger and on some designs adds a nice, decorative touch. Supplied in one foot lengths.
Thong Tubing

Brass, 1/4" x 1"  each NCKTHNGB $ .90
Nickel Silver, 1/4" x 1"   each NCKTHNGN $1.40
Brass, 3/16" x 1" NCKTHNGB316 $  .50
Corby Rivets      See the section in Hints and Tips Page 2  for directions on use .  Please note: Price shown is Each.
Corby Bolts

Centering Drill
Corby rivet, brass 5/16" x 1-1/4"   each NCKCR516114B $1.95
Corby rivet, brass 1/4" x 7/8 "  each NCKCR1478B $2.30
Corby rivet, nickel silver 5/16" x 1  "  each NCKCR51611N $3.30
Corby rivet, nickel silver 1/4" x 7/8 "  each    NCKCR1478N $2.90
Corby rivet, Stainless,  3/16" x 7/8" each    NCKCR187N $2.90
 Corby rivet, brass, 3/16 x 7/8 "  each    NCKCR187BR $2.90
Countersink:  These are  #3 ( 1/4") or #2 ( 3/16")  Centering Drills, great for use as a countersink drill. High Speed Steel, double ended for longer useful life.
1/4" Center Drill  NCK-CENDRILL-1/4 $ 3.90
3/16" Center Drill NCK-CENDRILL-3/16 $ 3.70
Loveless Bolts 
A traditional and classic (and very strong!)  way to attach your scales. (For directions, click HERE ) . Available in brass ,mild stainless or copper --  or mix and match for a "target" effect.  All 1/4" OD (except the one 5/16" size)


 Loveless Bolt, 1 1/4" long, brass sleeve, brass screw, each NCK-LB-BB $ 1.60
Loveless Bolt, 1 1/4" long, stainless  sleeve, stainless screw, each NCK-LB-SS $ 1.50
Loveless Bolt, 1 1/4" long, brass sleeve, stainless screw, each NCK-LB-BS $ 1.50
Loveless Bolt, 1 1/4" long, stainless sleeve, brass screw, each NCK-LB-SB  $ 1.50  
Loveless Bolt, 5/16" diameter,  1 1/2" long, stainless sleeve, stinless screw, each NCK-LB-SS-516 $ 1.75
JP Bolts
Add a decorative touch to your     creation while giving you a little more something to hold onto. Made from 550 mil-spec paracord
lanyard-small Lanyard ,Black NCK-LAN-B $ 6.95
Lanyard, Black with Blue NCK-LAN-BB $ 6.95
Lanyard, Olive Drab NCK-LAN-OD $ 6.95
Lanyard, Black with Red
NCK-LAN-BR $ 6.95
Lanyard,Tan with black NCK-LAN-TB $ 6.95
Brass Bar Stock    
Used for making your own bolsters or  guards . See the section in Hints and Tips for directions on how to make your own custom bolsters
Brass bar stock 3/16" x 3/4" x 6" NCKBAR31634B $4.60
Brass bar stock 3/16" x 1" x 6" NCKBAR3161B $4.95
Brass bar stock 3/16" x 1 1/2" x 6" NCKBAR316115B $ 7.05
Brass bar stock 1/4" x 3/4" x 6" NCKBAR1434B $4.95
Brass bar stock 1/4" x 1" x 6" NCKBAR141B $6.15
Brass bar stock 3/8" x 3/4" x 6" NCKBAR3834B $9.75
Brass bar stock 3/8" x 1 1/2" x 6" NCKBAR38114B $13.95
Brass bar stock 3/8" x 1" x 6" NCK381B $9.50
Nickel Silver Bar Stock  
Used for making your own bolsters or  guards . See the section in Hints and Tips for directions on how to make your own custom bolsters
Nickel silver bar 1/4" x 1" x 6" 
NCKBAR141N $18.25
Nickel silver bar 3/8" x 3/4" x 6" 
NCKBAR3834N $20.75
Stay-Brite Solder
Perfect for knifemakers, this low temperature ( 435 degree) solder is 5 times stronger than ordinary solders. 4 % silver, 96% tin, cadmium free. Kit contains enough solder and flux for a good  dozen or more knives

Stay-Brite Solder and Flux kit

Note: For a quick tutorial on soldering, see
Hints n Tips, Page 3, click HERE

$ 16.50

 Lectroetch MK1 Etching Machine
Now it's both easy and affordable to add tour logo or makers mark to your blades with a an electrochemical etching machine made for knifemakers. Don't believe that it's easy? To check out the step by step tutorial, click HERE
Refill Kit includes bottles of electrolyte and cleaner, screencloth and 10 stencils
  Lectroetch MK1 Etching Kit   NCK-MK1   $ 66.95
LectroEtch MK1 Refill Kit NCK-MK!-REFILL $ 12.95
Devcon 2-Ton epoxy earns it's name by being one of the strongest commercial quality  epoxies available. Comes in equal parts A and B that, when mixed, will give you superior strength on all of your knife projects. Bonds wood  and  metal with a clear, waterproof bond that cures in 30 minutes ( I still like to let it cure overnight though).  The  large 9 ounce size ( two 4 1/2 oz. bottles) is enough for a couple of hidden tang knives or a bunch of slab scales. The convenient 1 ounce syringe should be good for one hidden tang or a couple of slab scales.
Devcon 2 Ton Epoxy,1  ounce syringe NCK-DEVSML30 $ 6.75
Devcon 2 Ton Epoxy, 9 ounces NCK-DEVLRG30 $ 15.50
Fiberglass Cutting Disks
Perfect for cutting all metals including hardened stainless. I use these to modify profiles, fine tune a blade shape, trim corby and loveless bolts, and to cut pins and thong tubing. You'll probably find a million other uses. Sold in a package of five. Mandrel sold seperately--1/8" shaft fits all standard rotary tools.
Fiberglass cutting disks Fiberglass Cutting Disks, 1 1/2" dia., pkg of 5     NCK-CDISK $ 5.50
Mandrel for cutting disks, 1/8" NCK-MNDREL $ 1.50
1/8 " Carbide Drill Bits
Notes on use: these drills are pure carbide and are easily hard enough to drill through even hardened steel knife blades for pin holes, etc. The tradeoff with hardness, as with knife blades themselves, is that they are VERY brittle. These should only be used in a drill press and used with patience. Drill for a moment, back it off and repeat. A few drops of oil will help. As a rule of thumb, don't drill anything thicker than twice the diameter of the drill , or 1/4" maximum. Do not use these for drilling softer metals like nickel silver or brass ( use your normal drills for this). These drill will have a limited life expectancy  because of their brittleness, but on an average, you should be able to do four or five  knife blades.   

3/32" Carbide drill bit        NCK332CARB $ 3.90
1/8" Carbide drill bit   NCK18CARB $ 4.25
3/16" Carbide drill bit  
Note: Waiting for next shipment     
NCK316CARB $ 6.20
1/4" Carbide drill bit 
Note: Waiting for next shipment
NCK14CARB $ 9.50
Carbide Rasps
Nothing, with the exception of diamond of course, is harder than carbide. I use these carbide rasps in my rotary Moto-Tool to "whittle" handles to shape, including the metal guards. You might also find them extremely useful in enlarging pin holes in hardened knife blank handles. When you want to use a 1/4" pin but only have a 1/8" hole, these are a lot easier to use than drilling. Surprisingly hard ,  durable and useful.
1/8" Carbide Rotary Rasp NCK-CARBIDE-RASP

$ 3.50

Fiber Spacing Material         Use for decorative spacing between guards and spacers.

Fiber Spacing material 5" x 10" x .030, Gray NCKFS-GRY $1.65
Fiber Spacing material 5" x 10" x .030, Black NCKFS-BLK $1.65
Fiber Spacing material 5" x 10" x .030, White NCKFS-WHT $1.65
Fiber Spacing material 5" x 10" x .030, Bright Red  NCKFS-RED $1.65
Fiber Spacing material 5" x 10" x .030, Yellow  NCKFS-YEL $1.65
Fiber Spacing material 5" x 10" x .030, Green  NCKFS-GREEN $1.65
Fiber Spacing material 5" x 10" x .030, Blue  NCKFS-BLUE $1.65