Finnish Blades and Kits
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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Puukko Blades from Finland
NorthCoast Knives is proud to introduce the Progression Tempered Puukko  (A). After several years of research and development, Lauri of Finland has perfected the process by which the spine of this amazing blade is tempered to a utilitarian hardness of RC52 while the edge is hardened to an absolutely amazing RC63. This revolutionary process gives you a  hard working blade that is not only durable, but will hold a razor sharp edge longer than anything you now own. Hardware is presented to allow you to construct either the guard or ferrule style. 7 1/2" overall with a 3 3/4" blade
Traditional Puukko Blades
Super sharp, durable and hard working, made from Swedish high carbon steel, hardened and tempered to an RC60 edge. Two sizes: 9 3/4" overall with a 5" blade (B) and 8" overall with a 3" blade (C)
Puukko, Progression Tempered knife blank
Puukko Knife blank
Tradional pukko blade 77
Puukko, Progression Tempered, (A)  3 3/4 in. blade 
Traditional Puukko 5" Blade   

NCK-112 $ 15.00
Traditional Puukko 3" Blade   
NCK-103 $ 10.75
Puukko Hardware   Puukko guard ferrule
Puukko Hardware
Brass Ferrule for Puukko Blades (A)
Brass Guard for Puukko Blades (B)
 Machined Brass Guard (C) for Puukko Blades, 1/8" thick,  rectangular, slot will need to be filed for exact fit  
NCK067B $ 6.50
Natural Horn Spacer (D)  Natural product, size will always vary, but should be 1" diameter minimum  
Buffalo Horn Spacer (E)  Black, polishes well, approximately 1 to 1 1/8" in diameter  
Puuko Walnut Handle kit
Puukko Handle KIt  : Includes 5" x 1 1/2" walnut block, brass guard, natural horn spacer and red fiber spacers
Synthetic Spacer
OK, OK, it's really Corian, but I've been seeing more pictures recently where makers are using this hard material in place of natural products. Makes sense. It's harder and more stable than horn or buffalo but still works nicely with all of your existing tools. Provided as 1 1/2" x 1" x 1/4" thick. Available in white and bone color

NCK_Corian-Spacer-White $ .70  
NCK_Corian-Spacer-Bone $ .70  
Be sure to check out the Progression Tempered Puukko Tutorial, showing both the guard and ferrule styles of construction
YouTube has a couple of nice do-it-yourself videos. Here's one I like: Click HERE
Here's another helpul one I like: Click HERE

Swedish Fillet Blade

Finish Fillet Blade:  ( above)
The Finish Fillet Blade Kit  ( below) has been very popular and I had many customers ask if I could offer just this superb  blade by itself. Here it is. This is probably the best  ( In my opinion) fillet blade you can buy. Verify for yourself by doing a quick Google search on what completed blades like this are selling for . Legendary  Swedish stainless steel, 6 1/4: blade, 11 1/4" overall length and a flexible .060" thick. VERY sharp and will stay that way for a long time. 
Finish Fillet Blade 

$ 14.90
Brass Guard, Fillet Knife NCK-3579 $2.30
Finish Fillet Blade Handle Kit:  Includes 5" x 1 1/2" walnut block, Brass guard, Corian spacer and two red fiber sheet spacers
Heavy Duty Blades from Finland
Laplander knife blade blankLeuko Knife blade blankl
Laplander  Knife Blade (A)  10 1/4 " overall, 5 1/2" blade. A serious camping or survivalist blade
NCK115 $23.00
Leuku Knife Blade (B)  11 3/4" overall, 6 7/8" blade, 1/8" thick.  A regular mini-machete, good for heavy duty yard work.  
NCK107 $29.50
Puuko Hardware
Large Brass Guard (A)
NCK543B $2.75
Large Brass Ferrule (B)
NCK532B $2.90
Large Brass Butt Cap (C)
NCK5332B $1.40
Be sure to check on the illustrated   Camping Puukko Construction Article in the Tutorials Section. Many useful tips!