Supplies: Sharpening 
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Keeping your knife sharp is important, not only to make your knife more efficient and productive, but to make it safer to use also. You've heard that most knife accidents are the result of dull edges? It's true. When you have to force a knife to cut, you risk loss of control, slipping and resulting injury. (Once again, this comes from the Voice of Experience). Plus,  if you learn the secret of knife sharpening, I guarantee that you will become a very popular guy. (You are absolutely going to be dumbfounded by the amount of dull edges you're going to find in the world--and the people that have simply accepted them, not thinking that edges can be restored to new condition ) . 

All of these (with the exception of the ceramic rods of course ) are genuine Arkansas Novaculite, not a less expensive composite
You might want to spend a minute with my Sharpening Tutorial. Click HERE
Fiscars or Gerber  FK4307 Two Sided Pocket Sharpener
Perfect for weekly touch ups, a few swipes will restore the edge of your knife to like new condition. Two sets of ceramic rods for heavier or lighter sharpening. At this price, you should have one in the kitchen, glove compartment, tackle box and workshop. Very handy and useful. Slot assures correct angle for optimum edge.
Fiscars/Gerber  FK4307 Two Sided Pocket Sharpener

$ 3.95

Black Hard Arkansas Stone, AC14

Black Hard Arkansas , hard and equivalent to about a  900 grit .This is the stone you'll use every few days to polish a razor sharp edge into all of your blades. 
Black Hard Arkansas stone, 4" x 2"  in wooden case


Washita Sharpening Stone BU97067

Washita sharpening stone

Washita: Soft and aggressive, equivalent to around a 350 grit, this is the stone to use to take out  serous nicks and for knives that have been used hard and haven't been sharpened in a while. Manufactured by Buck Knives, comes with nylon sheath. 
Washita Sharpening stone, 1 5/8" x 4 3/8""  in nylon sheath

$ 11.25

8 x 2 Soft Arkansas Stone AC10 
Soft Arkansas  , is an excellent general purpose stone. Has a grit and hardness halfway between the Black Hard Arkansas and Washita.  This is probably going to be your most often used stone.
Soft Arkansas stone. 8" x 2"  in wooden case

$ 21.00

Ceramic Rods
This is my favorite way of restoring a fine edge. 3/8" rods are a fine grit, terrific for restoring or polishing a very fine edge onto all of your best blades. Simple and fast to use. Click HERE for some use instructions. 

Note: To clean the ceramic rods after extended use, soak them for an hour or two in CLR (Calcium,Lime, Rust) or similar product.  Hint courtesy of Bob Rich of Bob's Sharpening Service
Ceramic Rods, 8 1/2" x 3/8", each


Arkansas Pocket  Sharpening Stone
Ceramic Sharpening Stone Arkansas Pocket Sharpening stone, 4" x 1 1/2",. Perfect for giving a final polish to the edge of your knife  for a razor edge, or use in between regular sharpenings for a quick touch up.
NCK-AC54 $4.75
Lansky Sharpening System
Lansky Small Despite the number of look-alike systems out there, the guys at Lansky always seem to stay one step ahead . Standard system includes color coded coarse, medium and fine hones as well as the multi angle knife clamp to insure correct and consistent sharpening angle, and honing oil. Includes custom molded case. Even if you've never done any sharpening before, this east to use kit insures your success with professional results.
Lansky Sharpening System, Standard Set
(Lansky also has a nice video on using their system. Click HERE )
Hey, you want to do something nice? Offer to go own to the local hunger center or soup kitchen and offer to sharpen their knives. The knives they use are typically second hand donations but you might be surprised to see some high end name brands. Many decent knives end up getting donated because they may have gotten dull and no one knew how to sharpen them. 

These often get subjected to some very hard use and abuse. Show them what a difference a sharp edge can make!!






Coming Soon: Electric Sharpening
Grizzly 1 x 30 belt sander H3140    
Grizzly 8" wet grinder T10097    
Grizzly 4 sided diamond stone H8063    
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