Free Drawing    

Free Drawing to Show Our Appreciation For Our Men In Uniform
To show appreciation for our men in uniform ( including our hardworking police and firemen), NorthCoast Knives  is holding a free drawing for a Texas Bowie Blade, choice of nickel silver or brass guard and pommel and their choice of wood for handle.. To verify eligibility, email their name and service (not home) address to me at the address below. From the entries, I'll do a random drawing on Sept 15 , 2016.   

To enter, just email me, click HERE           

A few folks have emailed me questions:

1) Can you enter your own name? Absolutely. Please do.  

2) How about retired or VFW?   If you can supply some kind of proof of service, I would be flattered to have you enter my drawing.

3) Is this some kind of scam to harvest email address's for future spam?  I was a little insulted at first when I got this question, but when I thought about it, this is (sad to say)  a legitimate concern. I do have a mailing list but it is  "opt-in" which means you have to sign up to get it. If you don't sign up, I don't send it to you. ( see the bottom of the Home page if you want to sign up). I do not sell, trade or give away any of the names on my mailing list or those from the contest.

Congratulations to November's winner: Cpt. Matthew Bray of Fayetteville, NC

Congratulations to January's  winner: Spc. David Roseland , Vermont Army Guard

Congratulations to March's  winner: Deputy Dennis Boyes of the Norfolk Sheriff's Department

Congratulations to July's  winner: Lt. Dustin Ripley, Langley AFB, Hampton, Va.

Congratulations to August's  winner: Sgt. John Arras , Alexandria, Mn., Police Department

Congratulations to November's  winner: Lt. Reed  Wiaoski , Chicago,Il.

Congratulations to January's  winner: Charles Harrison,  Azle, NM Police Dept., retired

Congratulations to March's  winner: Spc. Marty Willowski , Indiana National Guard

Congratulations to May's  winner: Sgt. Ron Willet , California Highway Patrol

Our July winner wanted to anonymously donate his prize to one of our Army ground troops in Iraq. Thanks, Ed.......I mean Mr. Anonymous.

Congratulations to September's  winner: Police Chief Joe Farrino, Daingerfield, Tx.

Congratulations to December's  winner: Retired Fireman Jerry Hopkins, Vance Air Force Base, Enid, Ok.,  

Congratulations to February's  winner: Retired Michigan National Guard Alex Demwitty, Detroiy,Mi.,  

Congratulations to March's  winner: Paul Ashmore, HM1/USN/Med Ret, Allentown, Pa.

Congratulations to June's  winner: Jack Armedian, Sgt,  Allemore Police Department.




Winner will receive one Sentry Blade,  and choice of wood for handle.


Thanks, guys. We appreciate what you're doing.